Consumer Protection

Platform guarantee policy:

Baoyuan Jade live broadcast platform guarantees that it is based on honest operation, that each order transaction is real and effective, and that the standard process of the platform is implemented, executed and supervised in place.

Guarantee all transactions: delivery on time, providing real-time record information of express delivery, real order buyer comments, buyer sign-off visits and other processes.

Baoyuan Transaction: The buyer selects a good product on the Baoyuan Jade live broadcast platform to initiate a transaction. After the user pays, the platform transaction treasure first helps the buyer to keep the payment. After the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods, Baoyuan transaction treasure will settle the payment to the buyer. Manufacturers, this form of trading is called "Baoyuan Trading Treasure", and the transaction guarantee function of Baoyuan Jade Platform.

Return Money Back Guarantee

After Baoyuan platform receives the buyer's return and refund application, it will follow up and deal with it as soon as possible.
Return acceptance time limit

Return acceptance: The application is valid within 3 natural days after the receipt of the product

Refund acceptance: Send the item back: The application is valid within 3 natural days after the platform receives the goods
The refund will be returned according to the original path of the buyer's payment. Due to the different bank cards held by the buyer, the refund time may vary. Usually 15 working days, holidays will be postponed.