Shipping Policy

After the user completes the order, we will send an email with payment information for your order.

Once your order has been shipped by the merchant, you will receive an additional logistics update email with a tracking number.

According to the courier number, you can search the real-time logistics information of the product in the browser.

If you are a registered user, you can also track all your orders through "Personal Center" "Order Details".

Including a text message sent to you by the courier company on the day of delivery to let you know that the order is on the way to delivery (subject to the local national courier delivery management).



Delivery Shipping Policy

We provide global express service. It only takes 5-15 days, depending on the destination and other external factors (such as holidays, aviation controls, changes in national foreign trade policies).

We will provide the logistics tracking number through the mail and personal center for users to inquire.

After checkout, the platform will confirm according to the buyer's order details, and the goods that do not need to be processed will be sent by logistics within 3 natural days.

All sold items that need to be processed and customized will be shipped the next business day after completion.

If an item is lost or damaged in transit, we will cover the cost and issue a full refund.

If you have not received your item after 15 days, please contact us.



Return Shipping Policy

The buyer receives an item that does not match the purchased item, and we will refund your return shipping fee.

If the buyer finds that the product is damaged or the accessories are missing, apply for a return, and we will refund your return shipping cost.

If the item is returned for no reason or other, we require you to bear the initial and return shipping costs.

There is evidence that the product is different due to the unclear description of the merchant. If you apply for a return, we will refund your return shipping fee.



In order to ensure the safety of your products, Blingrong Crystal Platform prefers international logistics companies to undertake our logistics services for all products

The resulting freight is set by the platform, and the specific amount is subject to the order. Before users shop and submit an order, the product price and shipping cost will be displayed separately

If the shipping cost is 0, it means that the merchant has already borne the shipping cost of this order