About Blingrong

Serving Crystal Lovers Around the World

Blingrong Crystal, headquartered in Hong Kong, 100% Hong Kong-owned enterprise,It is a sub-brand of Topkee Media Ltd

Blingrong crystal platform is a trading platform that integrates crystal sales, mining area procurement, professional live streaming, and appraisal and evaluation. Blingrong guarantees that the products sold have an authoritative quality grade identification, so that crystal hobbyists can see the quality at a glance. Blingrong platform transaction guarantee to ensure that buyers return and exchange goods without worries.

Mining source procurement

Start from the source of the mine, control the best materials and the lowest cost

Blingrong serves every crystal lover

Strict quality management

The perfect cooperation between excellent crystal designers and master craftsmen

Only provide you with the best products

Self-operated platform management

Own logistics and transportation system, and platform transaction guarantee service

Guaranteed after sale

Product one-to-one identification certificate

All commodities sold on the platform have identification monitoring reports

Make your shopping more assured

For a long time, we believe that natural crystal stone carries the power endowed by nature, and advocates us to actively explore the aesthetic process of nature, understand the characteristics and structure of crystal stone, discover the beauty of irregular contours, and appreciate the essence of nature.

The tranquil crystal stone expresses self-worth with energy, and uses crystal to describe the heart, echoing the firm, clear, quiet and powerful power of people in this era.


Blingrong provides the best service and shopping experience for every crystal lover

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  • Private custom

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  • Quality Assurance